Class Policies


The policies below are designed to create a fun, safe and effective work environment for you and your dog. Please read through all of our policies so you will be prepared to start learning right away. We look forward to seeing you in class!

We encourage family members to come to training classes with the handler. The following guidelines must be followed with regard to children attending our dog training classes:

  • Handlers must be at least 14 years of age.
  • Handlers younger than 18-years-old must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Children must be at least 5-years-old to attend the class.
  • Parents must supervise their children during the entire class.


Vaccination Requirements:

All dogs enrolled in a class must be up to date on their vaccinations. Puppies under 20 weeks of age are required to have at least one round of Distemper and Parvo (DHPP) vaccine. Adult dogs are required to have Distemper, Parvo and Rabies. We must have a copy of your dog’s vaccination record on file. DOGS CANNOT START CLASS WITHOUT PROOF OF VACCINATIONS.

We will accept titer results in place of vaccination records.

You may submit vaccination records by mail, fax or e-mail:


PO Box 167584

Oregon, OH 43616

fax: 4196904671



Class Enrollment and Payment:

Class sizes are limited therefore you must register in advance for any class by completing and submitting a class enrollment form. By enrolling you are reserving a space in one of our courses. Please carefully consider your schedule, commitment to training, and your dog before enrolling for a class.

Payment is required at time of enrollment.  We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, personal checks and cash. There is a $15 fee for all returned checks. You can enroll online if using a credit card or by mail if paying with check or cash. If enrolling by mail, be sure we receive payment and forms at least 5 days prior to the first class. Send filled out enrollment form, vaccination records (unless already sent) and payment to:


PO Box 167584

Oregon, OH 43616


Our office must be notified at least 5 business days before the class begins if you are unable to attend and want to transfer to another class or want a refund. All requests must be in writing and emailed to our office at If a refund is granted there will be a 25% processing fee. We regret that we are unable to refund enrollment fees once class has commenced. No refunds will be provided for missed classes.


If your dog is unable to attend due to an injury or illness during your course, you will receive a credit towards a future class for the same amount of classes you will miss.


Class Schedule Changes / Cancellations

Class schedules are subject to change prior to the class start date. If this happens we will notify you at least one day before the class is scheduled to begin to see if you would like to enroll in an alternate class, receive credit toward a future class or receive a full refund.

If the minimum enrollment for a class is not met prior to the first session, the class will be cancelled. We will notify you at least one day before the class is scheduled to begin to see if you would like to enroll in an alternate class, receive credit toward a future class or receive a full refund.


Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, classes may be postponed to the following week at the trainer’s discretion.


Declines and Referrals

We reserve the right to decline entry to any dog who presents behavior issues that may be dangerous, disruptive or that may be exacerbated by participation in a group class. If behavior issues are discovered during the class and the trainer determines that it is in everyone’s best interest for you to seek a private trainer, you will be provided with a qualified trainer referral for a one-on-one session. Your enrollment fee will be applied to this session. There may be additional fees and will be based on the trainers evaluation



In order to provide the best possible service, make up classes are not available.  If you miss a class or know you will miss a class please see your instructor to get information on what you will miss. No refunds will be provided for missed classes.


If you know you will miss more than two classes we recommend enrolling in a different class. 


Class Operating Policies

  • Dates listed on the schedule are start dates. You will meet on the same day and time each week.
  • Classes are one-hour sessions held weekly.
  • Please arrive in time for your class.
  • Dogs must be supervised by an owner/handler at all times.
  • Dogs must remain on leash at all times. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR DOG TO GO UP TO ANOTHER DOG
  • Unsafe or harsh handling of dogs is not permitted.
  • Dogs must not be aggressive to people or other dogs.
  • Dogs exhibiting aggressive or disruptive behavior such as growling, lunging, staring down or otherwise intimidating other dogs will not be permitted in class. If your dog is not ready for a group class, we reserve the right to dismiss him/her from class. Please refer to Declines and Referrals part of our policy.
  • Handlers must clean up after their dogs and dispose of waste properly.
  • All minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Female dogs in heat are not allowed in class. If your female goes into heat during your class session, talk with your instructor.


What to Bring to Class


  • Exercise and relieve your dog prior to class
  • If class time is near dog’s mealtime, feed only 1/2 meal and bring a hungry dog to class


Edible and toy treats

  • You will need a lot of tiny, soft chewy treats for your dog. Do not bring dry dog food or dry biscuits. They will not motivate him / her in class. We recommend hot dogs, chicken, freeze dried liver, string cheese etc.
  • Small toys (plush, tug or other) if your dog enjoys them as a reward​



  • Four to six-foot leash (leather or nylon) – No flexi or retractable leashes, please
  • Martingale (no slip) or Flat collar (buckle or clip) – No prong, choke or shock collars, please
  • Humane walking equipment such as a front attachment harness or head collar – (optional)

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