"Toledo's PET Bull Project began as a group of Pit Bull owners, dog lovers and dog trainers who pulled together after seeing the effects of what is being done to our PETS, pit bulls in particular, by irresponsible owners."

Today, our goal is to Prevent animal cruelty including dog fighting, Educate dog owners on the importance of spay and neuter, and offer FREE Training to help owners become good citizens and advocates for their dogs whatever their breed.

The volunteers and trainers for this project have lived and worked in this community for years and find it a privilege to be able to give back in this way to help dogs and their owners.

Great News! Toledo’s PET Bull Project has added rescue to our program. We also work closely with area veterinarians to work on the overpopulation of pets in our shelters.

There are dog fights going on in the streets and back alleys all over the city and the most misunderstood breed, the pit bull, is the target for these fights. Pit bulls are people-pleasers and will do whatever possible to please their owner. We believe that by working with youth first we can make a difference in the lives of these dogs. The goal is to teach all people, especially young people, that animal cruelty is inhumane and illegal and by doing so, set an example of responsible ownership, compassion and empathy.

Our programs have been collectively designed to carry out our mission by using several different avenues and strategies. Each program is unique in the information that is presented, we also measure the success of each program differently, but all of the programs contribute directly to the success of our mission.

Visit our individual program pages on this website to learn more about the impact we are making in advocacy development, compassion building and establishing hope in rehabilitation.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela