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Humane Education Classes

Stop Dog Fighting and Animal Cruelty, provide hands on opportunities to build compassion and empathy and raise social awareness.

Teachers Pet

Teens receive skill building opportunities, reading/ writing, literacy development, social and emotional development while training foster dogs, making them more adoptable. Provides a tangible locus of control as participants are responsible for a 6 week progression.

Dog Training

Reduce the number of dog bites / increase dog retention. Keep dogs in home. Decrease bite risk by teaching pet safety to children.

Pet Safety Classes

Reduce the number of preventable dog bites among youth, adults, disabled and elderly populations. Youth are involved in delivering many of these presentations.

Pet Food Bank

Provide food and supplies for pet owners in need, youth groups volunteer for community service hours. Offer community resource referrals as needed.

Free Park Training & Pet CARE-a-Van

Keep pets in home with appropriate resources, safer public pet behavior, spay and neuter education. Teens volunteer for community service hours.
Care-a-Van provides supplies and resources to help create safe, secure, and healthy pets. Provide community resource referrals as needed.


Offer grooming services at a reduced cost to enable low income people affordable way to keep their pets healthy

Pawsitive Reading

Increase reading and sight word fluency. Teaches kids confidence in reading and includes therapeutic interactions with dogs.