From Sara B.

My husband and I decided to get a puppy last month after months and months of begging from our daughters. We’re both huge dog lovers but haven’t had dogs ourselves since we were kids so we wanted to wait for the right time to introduce a puppy into our family. We moved into a new house back in late November with a fenced in yard so we decided it was finally time.

Needless to say, we fell in love with a little pitbull puppy and named him Gatsby (I’m a 9th grade English teacher – I couldnt resist!) Your page has been such a help to us in caring for our new puppy, I wanted to reach out and thank you. Gatsby is already an irreplaceable part of our family – I honestly don’t know what we ever did without him! He is the most loving and playful dog, and he absolutely adores our girls.

Posted on facebook in response to someone's inquiry about the PET Bull Project:

“…. I am not a volunteer nor do I work for them but Pet Bull project offers training with AMAZING professional dog trainers for $50 dollars for a 4 week session. Any other trainers that would even consider taking him on (some wouldn’t) wanted 500-700 for 3 sessions. They taught us what a joy owning a bully breed dog can be if you take the time to understand them and how to handle them. They also foster dogs that might not otherwise get adopted and find them forever homes with responsible owners equipped to handle them. They offer free shots when they can and run a dog food pantry and give out crates and collars and other equipment so that people who fall on hard times can keep their pets. They are always out at events trying to advocate for misunderstood breeds. Again I am not affiliated with them other than taking training classes but everyone I have encountered and everything they do for people and dogs in this community has led me to believe they are an incredible organization.”

From Angela Bronson, Children's Librarian Kent Branch TLCP Library:

“Last week, I had a girl tell me early in the day that she hated books and reading. After the dog came, she was the most excited and read 4 books out loud! Thank you for arranging this program with us!”

From Maria

Thanks to the Pet Bull Project for all your help with Khloe

From Laurie Marsh

Our family appreciates your hard work and dedication, as well as all the volunteers at the Center. Without the help we have received, we could not have kept our beloved pet children through this time of need. Thanks so much.

From Terri Miller to Cindy Reinsel


Class really had an effect on Spot last night. I think he was a bit scared that is why he was so subdued. On the way home he leaned his head against me like a baby. Trying to drive a 5 speed with a giant pooch resting on me…anyways…

When Gabe comes over, (you met him at bowling) Spot jumps all over him. At first Gabe encouraged it, but I don’t like it. And now Spot is huge, so it is not funny anymore.

Mark suggested keeping him on a leash for a couple weeks in the house. Which worked so well last night when Gabe came over after class. No jumping, and he did not seem like he was even thinking about it. We practiced sit and down and he did it for Gabe. Amazing what the leash in the house can accomplish.

I am so excited about this class. Thank you very much! I plan on putting the rest of my brood through the training also. Bella is a pitty, boxer, lab kinda dog. Henny Penny is a hound, lab mix with other stuff.

Thank you again.


From Julie Cox, as written on Facebook

“Cindy Reinsel, I just want to personally thank you and yours for working so hard for Gretel. I am blessed to have found you and am so glad you guys are doing so well. Thank you so much and may God bless you more and more! :-)”

A Letter of Recommendation as written by Ms. Joan Parker

“To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Cynthia Reinsel, of the Toledo Pet Bull Project. Ms. Reinsel, and her team of volunteers visited our Juvenile Detention Center to provide education to the youth in our facility. I was fascinated to observe how interested and engaged the youth were during the presentation. I suspect many of the youth in our facility have either been involved in this activity, or know someone that is involved in dog fighting, so many had opinions regarding this activity before the presentation began.

It is apparent that Ms. Reinsel and her volunteers are passionate about providing information to the community regarding the humane treatment of animals, and I truly think they were able to change the thinking of some of the youth about dog fighting in particular, but the humane treatment of all animals. They also dispelled the myths surrounding certain breeds of dogs, such as pit bulls, boxers, and other dogs that are thought of as vicious, and the team also provided the youth with important information as to the legal ramifications of dog fighting, and other animal abuse. Many of the youth were surprised at the seriousness of the penalties. Ms. Reinsel came prepared with a slide presentation that just brought the whole subject to life. Some of the pictures were somewhat disturbing, but definitely helped to illustrate the horrors of animal abuse.

Ms. Reinsel has a message that all could benefit from hearing, and I would encourage everyone in the community to invite her to your organization, school, church, etc. to hear a very important message.


Joan M. Parker, M.A.
Former Juvenile Detention Center Director”

This was written by a young person who attended our Humane Education Class. They are explaining how the class affected them and what they took out of it.

“Dog fighting is cruel because some of the dogs do not want to fight, and that’s wrong. I would like to bring my dog to the Humane Society’s (Toledo’s Pet Bull Project’s Free Training’s) training program because he needs it. And when the program starts I will bring my dog. He is a pit bull and he just got his license. He’s got a red nose and red eyes.” ~~The Author’s name withheld by request

This poem was written by one of the youth who attended our Humane Education Class.

Dog fighting is not cool
in our cumminuty, it’s very cruel.
Dogs like to be treated well.
They don’t want to be killed.
Just think of dogs as if they were us.
They don’t want to be fighting to make them tough.
I got a dog, and it’s my best friend.
In the Bible, dog fighting is a sin.
Take care of dogs and love to treat them.
Don’t buy them to fight; love them to keep them.
Dogs love to live.
They play with people like little kids.
~~The Author’s name withheld by request

This letter was written by an attendee of one of our Free Dog Training events in the Park

“To Whom It May Concern:

I attended the Toledo’s Pet Bull Project at Walbridge Park on October 22nd with my three year old rescue dog Lucy. I was a bit apprehensive to the idea of going because I wasn’t sure if their was going to be much help for me and Lucy due to her fear issues. However, while attending we met with one of the trainers, Mr. John Brown. Since adopting Lucy four months ago, I’ve been unable to meet anyone who could really understand her and help us in various behaviors. I even read many books to try different methods, but none of them seamed to cater toward adult dogs that may have been abused and have a lot of fear. I don’t know exactly how to contact Mr. Brown directly so perhaps you could forward this e-mail onto him?

Me and Lucy just wanted to thank him so much for the time he spent with us! We’ve only been practicing what he showed us for almost a week now, but their is a DRAMATIC difference in all the issues I discussed with him. I also very much appreciate learning the techniques he showed me without using force because I’m still building a relationship with Lucy and I’m one of the very few people she trusts. In other words, some of the other approaches that were being taught Saturday seem to be too aggressive for me and Lucy.

Furthermore, my intent on writing this e-mail is not to criticize anyone as I’m thankful to all the volunteers. However, I specifically want to thank John Brown for his time. We are working on all the issues we talked about and that you showed us everyday and everyday is better!

Thank you so much!
Jackie & Lucy”